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Our Six Core Values

Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C. leads by a set of core values. These values are central to our vision and were created to uphold a quality standard of care. You may have heard these values by now: quality, grace, humor, collaboration, integrity, and personal responsibility. But have you wondered why each was chosen or how they are implemented within the company?

Our founder, Anna Izzo, saw a gap between therapeutic care for the general population and underserved groups such as children, people of color, and those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, among more. In response, she created a therapy practice passionate about providing quality care for everyone, regardless of who you are, where you came from, or even how old you are!

With the company’s creation came our values which provide us with a baseline for care that governs our interactions with clients and coworkers. As such, we are grounded in these core values, which help us care for everyone as a whole person.

“Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstones”

– Patrick M Lencioni

As we move through each value, consider how they are used in your life.


It's always important to leave things better than how we found them. We do this by pursuing greatness in all of our actions.

For clients – Our clients deserve the therapeutic experience they desire. We understand that therapy is vulnerable, so it is always important that our clinicians are aware of themselves and the impact they have on their clients – this makes a safe space within the therapeutic relationship. To uphold this standard, we need to hear from clients about their experience at Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C. In the end, your feedback makes our therapy practice possible!

For clinicians – As a therapist, it is essential to have a high standard of care; Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C. wants this to be as achievable as possible, which is why we provide training for our associate clinicians. This training ensures we are consistently learning and aware of current practices. In addition to supporting our clinicians, we also need to hear their feedback to make our processes both beneficial and efficient – so we survey our clinicians regularly.

To maintain a high quality of care, clinicians must take care of themselves while supporting their clients. For this reason, work-life balance is so important! Having a hobby, such as practicing yoga, hiking, or even reading a book, allows your brain to take a necessary break from work.


Every interaction should come from a place of courtesy and goodwill for ourselves and others. At Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C., we genuinely want both our clients and clinicians to succeed in their life journeys.

For clients – It is easy to feel down about yourself, especially when admitting you need help, so treating yourself with grace and compassion is vital during this difficult time. Our clients should always be welcomed in their therapeutic environment and, most importantly, have their feelings heard and validated. Ultimately, while at Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C., you should always be treated with generosity and empathy, as our clinicians hope to guide you through life battles with care.

For clinicians – With grace, we celebrate our successes and the successes of others.

At Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C., we often compliment each other for accomplishments – like celebrating when an associate passes their licensing exam! Or when our coworkers reach a milestone.

Additionally, by entering all interactions with courteous goodwill, we encourage our employees to be their best selves and honor what they bring to the company. With kindness for ourselves, we must remember that everyone makes mistakes, and we should not think poorly of ourselves because of them. Every mistake is a learning opportunity, and as we choose to grow from the experience, we grow as a person.


Laughing is healing. When you're having a breakthrough in a therapy session, or are in a stressful company meeting, sometimes humor is the levity we need.

For clients – It is incredibly important to acknowledge the sad feelings brought up in a therapy session, but that does not mean that laughter has no place when speaking about your experiences. At Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C., we believe that humor can sometimes be the best medicine as it is an amazing way to decrease stress and lessen anxiety and depression. After all, humor is a choice and can help us lead every interaction with curiosity, understanding, compassion, and grace for ourselves and others.

For clinicians – As a company, we choose to have fun, and it shows up in everything we, as a team, create. Internally, we start every meeting with a group question, and the stories we hear often leave us bellyaching with laughter. As we share our achievements and accomplishments and participate in the act of storytelling about our lives, we often dissolve into humorous conversations that bring out our authentic selves. Introducing humor into our daily business interactions can boost company morale and prevent burnout by adding joy to our work life.


Collaboration is truly powerful. When we work together, the possibilities are endless.

For clients – Therapy is a partnership. Collaboration is necessary between the therapist and client to build trust and unity. With this in mind, it is essential to remember that it is easier to accomplish all one hopes for when the therapist and client have shared goals in mind.

For clinicians – We love working as a team at Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C. When we collaborate, our team's different skills shine through, and we succeed. One example of this in action is that our associate clinicians meeting with a supervisor weekly to gain support and collaborate on treatment plans. This togetherness creates a sense of unity, encouraging participation because our team feels respected and heard. All-in-all, helping us build long-term rapport within the company.


Our interactions are marked with integrity. We are consistent in following through, and keeping our word. Honesty is the best policy. When we enter an interaction with integrity, we build trust and respect.

For clients – When in a therapy session, it is important, to be honest about your progress and where you think you need additional help. The greatest accomplishments can be made in your therapeutic journey by holding yourself accountable.

For clinicians – Accountability is key in the workplace. When agreeing to complete a task, it is important to follow through and commit to putting our best work forward. By doing so, we can be proud of our work and our results but still acknowledge when mistakes are made. In the end, we should always act with integrity to ensure our actions come from a place of gratitude and humility.

Personal Responsibility

Accountability is necessary when working as a team. It is up to us, individually, to understand that we make a choice with our actions, and our actions leave an impact. We honor each other by giving credit where credit is due, and we take responsibility for our actions.

For clients – Have you ever heard of the three C’s of accountability? Clarity, commitment, and courage. These principles allow for a sense of personal responsibility in our lives. When pursuing therapy, both the client and clinician need to commit themselves to the therapeutic process. In doing so, you will find clarity of thought, a commitment to improving, and the courage to change and develop.

For clinicians – We are committed to lifelong learning at Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C. We listen, ask questions, and collaborate with our team to improve ourselves and our knowledge of mental health, especially with children. While performing these actions, we need to be self-aware and hold ourselves accountable. At the end of the day, we choose to provide quality care to others and must own our results.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

– Maya Angelou

Understanding the depth of these values and their impact can be a uniquely helpful tool in understanding what Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C. stands for. We would love to hear your thoughts on our core values — quality, grace, humor, collaboration, integrity, and personal responsibility — and how they are used in your daily life.

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