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Dalton Huckaby
Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #131903
(408) 475-1127

Dalton Huckaby.jpg

Dalton honors and respects the value of the client-therapist relationship and the vulnerability that exists therein, especially for the client. As such, he has a strong focus on creating a safe space that honors the client's overall well-being and autonomy. He believes a crucial part of the therapeutic process is to help clients enhance their self-understanding.


Dalton graduated with honors from California Southern University with a Master of Arts in Psychology. He utilizes a Person-Centered approach and enjoys using Internal Family Systems to help clients address conflicting parts of themselves. He also utilizes Motivational Interview, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Strength-Based approaches interlaced with Mindfulness and other modalities that best serve the client.


Dalton has extensive experience working with LGBTQ. He also has a passion to work with children and adolescents. He holds the belief that providing them with tools and insights at an earlier age may help prevent severity of issues later in life. Dalton enjoys working with individuals, families, couples, and children/ adolescents in areas of substance use, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, and life transitions.


Dalton grounds himself through exercising, hiking and loves dogs. He enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures. He also enjoys his downtime and does not feel guilty one bit for lounging around and enjoying some much needed rest.

Supervised by Tara Cronin, LMFT #41682

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