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Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy

307 South B Street, San Mateo, California

Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy is a group of highly trained mental health professionals focused on helping children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples through a wide range of life challenges including stress, anxiety, depression, transitions, trauma, abuse, intimacy, infidelity, divorce, LGBTQ+, bullying, school issues, low self-esteem, addiction, grief, eating disorders, minority issues, and personality dynamics. 

Our Administrative Team

My vision for Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C. grew from my experience as a therapist and my ever growing client list– especially since I enjoy working with young people. I felt the need to find other therapists who could help serve the families and young people who were coming to me with so many important issues. It is my joy to now be joined by a diverse team of mental health professionals eager to walk with others through today's life challenges. Together, we are able to serve a wide variety of clients including young children, teens, individual adults, couples, and families. Our caring administrative staff puts it all together.

As Director of Operations, Lara focuses on anticipating and understanding the needs of others to ensure that all of our staff, clinicians, and clients are supported and that everything flows smoothly with our processes. One of her main roles is to work with the hiring team to find highly qualified, dedicated therapists who can provide effective and compassionate care to our clients and are driven to expand their skills in our diverse, growth-mindset community. Lara earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management with a minor in Business Administration from San Francisco State University. Working with Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy is a full-circle moment for her as she began her college career in the field of Psychology. Lara is a lover of learning and has many hobbies, including cooking/baking, lettering and painting, dancing, playing video/board games, crocheting/knitting, gardening, and photography/videography. Lara also loves to spend quality time with her husband and their corgi (furbaby) Benson.

I oversee various aspects of people and culture at Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy. Currently, I oversee hiring and onboarding and learning and leadership. I am passionate about supporting and elevating others to reach their fullest potential. I am professionally trained by the Co-Active Training Institute, and I am a corporate leadership coach. My corporate coaching experience includes; leadership coaching, career coaching, interview coaching, on-demand coaching, and parenthood support group coaching. In addition to being a professionally trained coach, I am an ATD trained facilitator. I also hold a 500-hour registered yoga teacher certification, and I like to bring mindfulness and breath work into all that I do. During my professional journey, I was introduced to the Human Design System. As a 4/6 Mental Projector, I am here to see the other clearly and act as a guide.

I lead and supervise the referrals team at Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C.. Our goal is to make scheduling and pairing with a therapist the easiest part of your day! We know the process of finding a therapist can be overwhelming. Our team will guide you toward the clinician that best fits your needs. We have extensive knowledge of what our clinicians specialize in, and we check in with our clinicians weekly, often hearing from them daily. We strive for excellence in serving the community with compassion, warmth and sensitivity. ​I am a Bay Area native and I have spent the last 10 years of my life in the Pacific Northwest. I love the sunshine and I enjoy watching films. I am most happy being around my loved ones. Also, I have my degree in Paralegal studies!

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