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About Us

At Izzo, we are dedicated to fostering resilience and promoting mental well-being for underrepresented communities in the therapeutic realm, with a special focus on youth. Through our compassionate, quality, and proactive approach, we aim to redefine the scope of mental health care and become a beacon of hope for our community. Our vision is to create a safe haven where every family member feels welcomed, empowered, and guided towards achieving peace of mind and spirit, contributing to a healthier, happier future.


Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C., is a team of professionals dedicated to servicing underrepresented communities by providing access to high-quality, preventative, and proactive mental health services.


To help our clients grow their favorite parts of themselves and support clinicians so they can focus on their passion, helping others.

Our Story

Anna Izzo, Executive Director

I was always fascinated by people and the development of the mind. Since I started my degree in psychology, I wanted to have a family therapy center where every member of a family could find support as individuals and together. A place they could find clinicians that love working with children and also supporting their parents.

When the pandemic hit, I saw people suffering and decided that now was the time to help. The world was in isolation, and it seemed irresponsible not to extend a helping hand to as many people as possible. I had been waiting for a sign to start my dream, and the pandemic was the incentive I needed. I realized that now was the time to act; tomorrow depends on today.

Now, a little over two years later, we have over 850 clients a week, and so many families are able to get support from the community we created.

Meet Our Team

These are the people who make Izzo Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C., possible!

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