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Zahra Heydari
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #131542
(408) 359-7667


Zahra graduated from California State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Master of Science degree in Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy.


Her client experience ranges from ages 6 to 65 and includes individuals, groups, families, and couples. She has had additional training in Crisis Oriented Recovery Services, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and Seeking Safety: Therapy for Trauma and Substance Abuse. Zahra counsels on various issues including parenting and familial relationships, developmental stages, mood disorders, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, and existential conflicts, amongst others.


While tending towards humanistic and experiential therapies, Zahra uses an integrative and collaborative approach tailored to best suit each client’s individual needs and therapy goals. The aim is to achieve self-acceptance in order to develop more adaptive coping skills and behaviors.


In her free time, Zahra’s interests in mindfulness and ecopsychology often take her outdoors: riding bikes, long-distance running, and unwinding at the ocean.

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