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Pyar Khatri

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #102216

(650) 530-0490 


We’re unfortunately not born with a manual on how to live life. Its unpredictable complexities can jolt us out of the path we had so carefully planned for ourselves and leave us in a place of feeling lost. These obstacles can appear in relationships, parenting, work, loss, violence, and sometimes appear merely as a knot in our stomach. What does one do when the next step is not clear? It is in these moments of uncertainty where I can be of help. There is no right or wrong reason, or person, for therapy; it is an opportunity to put life on pause for an hour, while we work together to uncover the next step.

I have provided support at every stage, from perinatal mothers to those experiencing end of life struggles; and I have yet to meet two people with the same path. I hope to support you with your own unique hopes, fears, struggles, and ever-changing identity. I have helped with healing from trauma, behavioral concerns, emotional dysregulation, and much more.

Therapy can be intimidating, it may be a form of help you have never tried before. Do not be discouraged. You have made the right choice to explore other ways to support yourself and your loved ones. Life is a journey that was not meant to be endured, but embraced, even with all of its unknowns. I wish you well and look forward to connecting with you.

Pyar earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and minor in Philosophy from Pitzer College; and a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Notre Dame de Namur University. She is a rostered Child-Parent Psychotherapist, and has experience working with trauma, abuse, eating disorders, mood disorders, substance use, incarceration, victims of human trafficking, crisis intervention, suicidal ideation, self harm, grief and loss, and other life hardships. 

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