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Michael received his M.A. in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University despite two school closures and one pandemic. He has a BS in Business (Organizational Leadership & Management) from University of San Francisco.

Michael is a trained Process Therapist, and works with a wide variety of people and issues including: children, teens, adults, couples, polycules, LGBTQIA+, Asian-American (including generational & cultural issues), anxiety, depression, trauma, ASD, ADHD, sex and communication, and addiction. He integrates elements of Process, IFS, narrative, solutions-focused therapies and behavioral analysis in his treatments.

When he's not working, Michael might be drafting on MTG Arena, cooking (he can't bake, not even lemon bars), composing, or rewatching some of his favorite anime series for the 100th time.

Supervised by Ethel Mostrel, LMFT #27981