Chi Hang Chan (goes by Simon)
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #131358

(626) 569-8397 

Simon 1_edited.jpg

Simon has a passion for working with young adults and adults to find their own purpose/meaning in life, to help them climb out of their depression, reduce anxiety, and to process and face their past trauma. He has a strong genuine desire to get to know each client as a human being and uses a modality tailored to fit their specific needs.


Simon himself was a combat medic veteran who has experienced trauma in Iraq. He sought and received psychotherapy services to process and to heal from this trauma. 


Simon's therapy experience (majority in Los Angeles) includes individual, family, and group therapy. He has worked in non-profits, counties, and in group private practice. 


He has worked with underserved and underprivileged children, teenagers, adults, people with severe mental disorders, and male parolees. He has also done case management to call and coordinate pharmacy for client's medications, link clients to community resources such as social security, department of rehabilitation, access/metro public transportation, board and care, and to provide transportation for clients to organizations/agencies.


Simon starts each day by working out at his house. He also enjoys listening to music, having deep conversations, spending time with his girlfriend, creating daily one-minute inspiration/life coach Instagram videos, karaoke, and hiking.